Friday, January 14, 2011

Grocery Trip: mid-January through mid-February

I went to three stores (Publix, WalMart, and the post commissary) for my shopping for the month. I did very well, because I bought NO nonsense. Here's what I bought:


Lenders Bagels B1G1F 2 bags @ $2.09
Cabbot Greek Vanilla Yogurt 2 tubs @ $3.99 each
Cabbot Plain Greek Yogurt 1 tub @ $3.99
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Rotini 2 @ $1.79 each
Ronzoni bow ties & ziti (B1G1F) 1 each @ $1.39
Hunts Spaghetti Sauce 3 Jars @ $1 each
Whole Grain Cheddar Goldfish $1
Jollytime microwave popcorn @ 1.00 each plus a $.50 coupon, 2 boxes for $1.00
Half ham, $12.71 on sale
Granola, 2 bags (Back to Nature brand) @ $3.59 each
Publix reduced calorie wheat bread, 2 loaves @ $1.69 each
Thomas Whole Wheat English muffins B1G1F, 2 bags @ $3.69
Baguettes from the bakery, 3 @ $1.00 each

TOTAL @ Publix: $55.76 with tax


5 lb whole wheat flour $2.72
instant milk $6.23
2 lb lentils @ .98 each
2 lb pinto beans @ $1.08 each
kidney beans $1.16
great Northern beans $1.08 (all beans dried)
canned diced tomatoes, 2 cans @ .63 each

TOTAL @ Walmart: $17.07 with tax


Keebler Entertaining cracker collection, 2 boxes bought on clearance for $1 each
Dawn dish soap $1.99
automatic dishwasher detergent $2.49
light butter $1.95
Weight Watchers light Mexican blend cheese $1.89
Weight Watchers light 4 cheese blend, 2 bags @ $1.89 each
3 gallons 1% milk @ $2.63 per gallon
2 dozen large eggs @ $1.39 per dozen
large bag frozen broccoli cuts $1.69
frozen chopped collard greens .89
frozen orange juice concentrate .99
whole roaster chicken $5.48 (.89 per pound)
shampoo and conditioner, 1 each @ .79
95% lean ground beef, 1.25 lb $3.42
1 lb flank steak $5.08
3 lb yellow onions $1.59
4 lb sweet potatoes $2.51
golden potatoes, 3 lb @ $1.98
bosc pears, 3 lb, $2.50
1 lb carrots .59
3 lb red delicious apples $1.98
bananas, 5 lb $2.64

COMMISSARY TOTAL: $59.82 with surcharge


My budget for the month was $200. So I'm very happy to be so far under budget. It leaves some much-needed breathing room this month.


SharleneT said...

Fantastic! Isn't it wonderful when you can do that! Just means sticking to the list and no temptations! (Hard to avoid, I know) Thanks for sharing. It's a great list with some very wholesome meals in there. Thank you for sharing and coming visit when you can...

Jenn said... are quite the grocery shopping queen, Michelle! Those are some fantastic savings!!

Rosi G. said...

So how long do these groceries last? That $ amount covers my groceries for about a week and a few days at most. I have 4 kids, ages 4-15, and a husband.

Michelle said...

About a month, with a small trip each week for about $15 to $20 worth of dairy, fruit, vegetables, and bread.

I practice stockpiling in SMALL ways. When there is a great sale, I buy several and that helps keep my stocks up at home, reducing my overall grocery cost.

There's me, my husband, two children, ages 12 and 7, and 2 dogs (I don't include their food in my totals -- it's $50 a month to feed them Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry food, plus more for treats and yogurt, which they get each day). I do include cleaning supplies and household needs in my lists, though.

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