Sunday, April 10, 2011

Onion Dip with Greek Yogurt (Use it/Lose it day 3)

So far, so good! We've got plenty of food and haven't had to get too creative. Here's what was on the menu for day three:

Breakfast: Blueberry Buttermilk Bread; vanilla yogurt with blueberries; milk

Lunch: Boiled Water; apple wedges with peanut butter

Dinner: Beef Stir Fry over Rice (used the flank steak from the freezer, the Meyer lemons (called them "oranges") in my produce bin, the Green Giant teriyaki vegetables from the freezer, some fresh broccoli, onions, soy sauce, ginger, and cornstarch to make this)

Snack: Onion Dip with cucumber slices and raw broccoli (recipe follows)

Onion Dip - 1 Points Plus value per serving
Serves 12

What You Need:
  • 1 cup minced onion
  • 2 cups plain low-fat Greek yogurt)
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley
  • 1/4 cup chopped chives
  • salt and pepper to taste
How it's Done:
  1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Cover and chill overnight (or all day).
  2. Serve with veggie sticks, crackers, bread cubes...whatever!


StephenC said...

Okay, you got me with "boiled water". What a hoot! Good luck with the weight loss. Don't hate me, but I don't need to lose weight. But I support you and your efforts. Good luck.

Michelle said...

:) Hate? Never. A little jealous, definitely! Do try the boiled water soup though. It is delicious -- and deceptive!

Melane Beasley from PBS said...

MMMM, as a dip-lover, I'm always sad to have to give it up to eat healthier, but this sounds healthy AND delicious! I'll be trying it next time I get to the store! Many thanks ;)

Jenn said...

Sounds like a great menu...Love the dip...but I do love me some onion dip!!

Michelle said...

Hi Melanie! Nice to see you!

Jenn, my buddy! How've you been? Nice to see you, too!

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