Sunday, December 13, 2009

What? Why?

Normally, I'm not the New Year's Resolution type. This year's different. Beginning January 1, 2010, I will strive to make nearly everything we eat at home, from scratch. The plan is that I will allow once a month dining out, both for the experience and the change of pace. Also, my children will be eating cafeteria lunch at school on most school days. Everything else will be made at home.

But why?

Well, lots of reasons!

  • We all know that homemade is better for us. I control the ingredients.
  • Another obvious reason: cost. It's just plain cheaper to eat at home.
  • Cooking at home, taking care to buy the right ingredients, is "greener" than dining out, buying frozen dinners, or hitting the drive-thru.
  • I like to cook.
  • I need a challenge.

And so here I am, a couple weeks from the start of this year-long venture. I welcome recipes to try, and all your comments about mine.

Happy Cooking!


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