Sunday, September 19, 2010

Please Be Patient with Me

I'm navigating a new part of life: that which I follow Weight Watchers. I will be incorporating some healthier recipes here shortly. I just needed this week to learn the program. Stay tuned for exciting changes around here. I might be getting healthier, but you know that won't mean eating anything that's not delicious!



Yenta Mary said...

WW is a great program! My ex-husband lost 60 pounds counting his points ... alright, *I* was counting the points and preparing the food, but he still had to stick with it. He loved it, because he could still eat a Quarter Pounder -- it cost half his day's points, but he could eat it and enjoy it and then compensate with salad at dinner. No deprivation of entire food groups, like with Pritikin and Atkins and all the other diets he'd tried. And the rest of the family ate better, because I supplemented his points with all those zero-value vegetables. Good luck! I'm looking forward to the fabulous recipes ... :)

Anonymous said...

My fave WW meal, High Fiber tortillas Fish Quesadillas...yyyuuummmyyy :)

Jenn said...

Well good luck to you Michelle...I hear the WW program is pretty good, and the fact that you can eat a bit of what you actually want to eat!!

heather said...

goodluck! while i like the program i was finding it wasn't fitting into the "whole food" approach i was going for. can't have anything sugar free b/c of the fake sugar! Hope you have success!

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to go back to WW. So glad to hear that your going to incorporate it into your meals! Thank you!!

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