Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 5/10 - 5/16

Last week went well. I stayed on my menu plan for the entire week, which is very rare around here. A few things we enjoyed this week:

Here's the plan for the week. Of course, it's all subject to change, but this is what I intend to make this week. I'm trying to get a jump on summer by making extra things to freeze. That way, there are fewer instances when I need to heat up my kitchen when it's really hot here in Georgia.

  • Egg Salad
  • Deviled Eggs, Cheese, and Raw Veggies
  • Dinner Leftovers

  • Steak, Smothered in Caramelized Onions; Corn on the Cob; Green Beans
  • Sausage & Cabbage; Lima Beans; Cornbread
  • French Onion Chicken in the Slow Cooker; Yeast Rolls; Collard Greens
  • Black-eyed Peas with Snaps; Fried Potatoes; Kale
  • Lima Bean Soup; Peasant Bread
  • Lentils & Rice with Tortillas and Salad
  • Black Beans & Rice with a fried egg on top; Tortillas; Corn; Salsa; Salad

Planned Snacks, Desserts, and other Baking:
For more tasty menu ideas, visit See you throughout the week for some great recipes!


Keli said...

YUM. What time is dinner at your house? Can ya set an extra plate?! I can not wait to try the sweet potato biscuits and the strawberry pancakes!! You guys have a great menu planned. Enjoy your week!!

Alicia said...

I love all of your pictures. And the english muffin recipe (I posted some questions on that post)!
Those are adorable mugs.

Michelle said...

hi Keli! Thank you! :) Dinner is pretty much when it's ready. ;) Usually around 7. Come on by! There's always extra. lol

Michelle said...

Hi Alicia, I just answered one of your questions about proofing, and I'm going to answer the other about freezing next! Thanks for popping by!

jsprik said...

wow! what a great menu! i want to try the black beans and rice...i love black beans!! :) thnx!1 have a great week!
i adore cooking from scratch when i have the time to do so!! :)

Andrea said...

LIke usual it sounds delicious Michelle!! Seeing the flourless chocolate cake on the menu makes me think you did get the bittersweet chocolate to make it, yet? How much chocolate is needed, I'm gonna have to 'bake along with you' on this one :) Mmmm chocolate!

Michelle said...

Andrea, I did indeed! It was so good. I've already posted it. Check it out here:

Nikki said...

Thanks for stopping by. Your dishes look delicious. Thanks for sharing. And your blog is very cute.

April said...

Your menu sounds great. Can't wait to try your sweet potato biscuits!

ginger-n-wyo said...

Your plan looks fabulous. I try to make as much from scratch as I can, but I don't always have enough time. The pictures are fabulous. What an exciting year and tasty year for you and your family.

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