Thursday, June 17, 2010

Step Into My Office...

Day 168.

Sometimes, it's nice to see where a person works. Here's where I do my best work:

My Army-issued kitchen. One of the nicer ones I've had so far in life.

Badly organized pantry. This is how it usually looks. You didn't catch me on a bad day. I just don't keep it organized.

The doors of my fridge & freezer

The inside of my fridge. Note the frugal items: half-consumed glass of milk, margarine tub that holds shredded cheese, monster jar of pickles.

My beloved Cutco knives. You can tell I use them a lot since half of them aren't in place! Bananas: ripest one on top so it's grabbed first. In the front: a bowl of fresh picked produce from the garden.

Dinner tonight: A test-run of some Buitoni Riserva pasta I'm serving at a FoodBuzz dinner party soon.

Where I spend most of my kitchen time. The dishwasher gets used twice a day. This is my favorite "station". Salad being prepped for dinner. Brita pitcher filtering nasty tap water.

Extra storage for all of my contraptions: one of my slow cookers, a deep fryer, waffle iron, rotisserie, mini prep, quesadilla maker, iron, cherry pitter, tortilla press, blender, air popper, and popsicle maker. Not all of my kitchen toys are here.

My two favorite kitchen appliances, hands down.

Lest you think my kitchen is so pretty and perfect, here is my cabinet.

My downstairs is all Americana decor. Lots of red white and blue everywhere.

So there you have it. That's where I do all my cooking...for now, at least. Until the Army moves us into another home with another kitchen and its own set of limitations and benefits. For now, I have to get going. My sister is visiting and I need to lay the smackdown on her in Scrabble.


LouAnne said...

I love your kitchen workspace and the fact that you're going to do a Scrabble smack down! :-)

My two kitchen favorites are my Cuisinart food processor and Bosch Kitchen Machine. I'd be lost without them! Happy Cooking!

Yenta Mary said...

That was so cool to get invited to your house, and particularly to the kitchen where you work all your magic ... :) I wrote that I always feel as though you're welcoming me to dinner when you post, and now I've actually kinda been there!

heather said...

i love seeing other people's kitchens! our downstairs is also amerciana theme!

Mandy said...

I love it! You have so many cool toys. That is pretty organized to me : )

Andrea said...

What a fun idea!! You have a great kitchen, the Army did good this time :) Now I want to show off my kitchen, too. Look for it soon :) I'm such a copy cat LOL sorry

Michelle J said...

My secret scrabble butt whooper is "QI". :)

Lisa said...

I've been thinking about doing the same kind of post, showing pictures of my kitchen. My cabinets and pantry are the same, totally unorganized. It doesn't help that I have my kids unload the dishwasher, and they just throw things into the cabinets!

Hillbilly Betty / Waylon Aussies said...

Wow - I would have to say that is the nicest Army housing kitchen that I've ever seen! Although my experience is limited (I was only an Army wife for four years.), ours were half that size and the appliances were about seven times as old. Everything there looks like it was made in the last ten years - yowza!

All joking aside - thanks for welcoming everyone into your kitchen! I love how you used the big bakers rack to store all of your gadgetry. I know how low those kitchens can be on storage!

Michelle said...

LouAnne: I haven't ever heard of a Bosch Kitchen Machine. I'll have to look it up. ;)

Mary: I'm so glad that I give a welcoming feeling in my writing. :)

Heather: No kidding? LOL I joke with my husband about how ethnocentric it will look if we are stationed in Germany like we want, and have an Americana home. ;)

Mandy: Thanks. I do love my toys. There are many more I want. Youi should see my Amazon wish list.

Andrea, I was hoping that other bloggers would do the same. I like seeing people's kitchens, too. You can tell a lot about a person by their kitchen, I think.

Michelle: I use QI as well but refrained yesterday, as it was my sister's first time playing Scrabble! ;)

Hey Hillbilly Betty! The Army is rethinking housing. Many posts are getting makeovers. Many, even lower enlisted, are getting single family homes. They are very, very nice. Very pretty. Very new. And the best part about it? They all look very, very similar. Which means that even if you move your kids halfway across the country, the neighborhood looks familiar. ;) Not sure it works, but hey -- it's the Army trying to make things easier.

Lisa, you should! :) I want to see! People love to snoop into other people's houses. lol

a soldiers wife said...

It's so funny to look at someone's kitchen and see yours! Your military housing (or at least the kitchen) is very very similar to mine. This is the best kitchen set up we've had in many years of living on base. I love having the kitchen/family room together. I actually spend more time with my kids now. They will sit in there and watch tv, read, homework, etc. while I'm cooking and it is now our unwinding time together just about every evening.... my pot/pan cabinet is organized the same way :) I like your Americana decor. Very nice!

Jenn said...

I love seeing other people's kitchen..the place they whip up their magic! Thanks for the tour, now I feel like I know you even better!

Chef Dennis said...

wow....I love your office!! my kitchen tries to be organized, my kithcen at school is much more organized.....(not all schools eat girls eat very very well)
my favorite tools are my Kitchen aide mixer, and my bread stone

The Wohlleb Family said...

Just found your blog-and love it!
Im in a depate with myself over getting a quesadilla maker. I really like my friends, just cant figure out if I would use it enough.

Michelle said...

You can pick one up at a thrift shop for pennies on the dollar. :)

M @ Betty Crapper said...

definitely keeping it real with that cabinet! I have a cabinet stuffed full of baking pans. It's very scary opening those doors because you never know what is going to come crashing down and out.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

I love that you decorated with an Americana theme.
Square kitchens are my favorite kind. My current one is a variation on that. Someone took a square kitchen and rounded all the counter tops to make it round. It might sound weird, but it is really great. I'm seriously lacking cabinets though, because of two huge windows. Great for light, but nowhere to store anything.

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