Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Tag-Along

Tuesday Tag-Along

I so enjoy this Tuesday meme. It gives me the chance to find new blogs that I would have otherwise probably never discovered. I was leary at first, because it felt an awful lot like begging for followers, but it's become a fun game for me to find some fantasic new blogs and learn new things. I've found new foodies, lots of gifted crafters, and some witty humor as well. Won't you join me?

Here's how it works:

*Click on the banner above.

*Create a new Tuesday Tag-Along blog post. Include the Tuesday Tag-Along button by copying and pasting the code above. (You are also welcome to copy and paste these instructions in their entirety, or any portion of this Tuesday Tag-Along blog post!)

*Add your blog name and the URL of your TTA post to the MckLinky at Twee Poppets.

*Follow Twee Poppets, the hostess blog listed in the first slot. Twee Poppets will follow you back! (Note: If you want Twee Poppets to follow you back, you MUST leave her a comment saying that you are a new follower and leave a link to your blog!)

*If you can, please follow the blogs in the three slots before you (e.g., if you're number 20, follow numbers 19, 18, and 17). This is not mandatory, but it will help ensure that everyone who signs up gets a few new followers!

*Follow as many other blogs as you want. The more you follow, the more that will follow you back! Be sure to tell them that you're following from Tuesday Tag-Along! You may also want to leave a link to your blog so they can return your follow more easily.

Have a great day!


Living on Love and Cents said...

HI! I am following you back! I just got your comment on Living on Love and Cents. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will stop in again soon!

Samara Link said...

Hi, Michelle! I just wanted to pop in after finding your blog yesterday via Org Junkie's menu plan Monday. (I don't actually post menus there myself, as I don't cook everyday, but I do pick a couple blogs a week to link to to see what they're cooking. Sometimes I like what I see and I read more posts. Yesterday, I got sucked right into yours. It's awesome! I spent quite awhile there, and I printed off a few of your recipes. I was so excited to see so many delicious looking vegetarian ideas, as I eat zero meat; although, I'm not vegan. I couldn't give up eggs, milk and cheese! Anyway, your posts were entertaining and your recipes and photos look great. So, I added you to my blog roll in the margin of my blog. (I don't "follow" just because I do my following through my blogroll.) But I wanted to say hi and thank you. What a cook mission you're on to reduced or banish processed foods for your family. They probably have no idea how lucky you are that you're going to all this effort for them!

MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

Following you from Tuesday Tag-A-Long

USCGWifey said...

Following! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Michelle said...

Samara, thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. I'm glad you've found some yummies to try. I appreciate you very much. :o)


Following you now on GFC as Thrifty Canucks from TTA. Please check out my blog and follow if you can


Yenta Mary said...

Good luck with the NaBloPoMo!!! The enthusiasm is overflowing right now, but I'm sure we'll need to keep encouraging each other as the days go by ... :)


Julia said...

Already following, just wanted to stop in and say hello and thanks for the comment :) Have a great week!


anne maskell said...

Hi Michelle, I just dropped by to follow you back, and I've decided to stay. (forever!) I've been jumping around your posts, and everything looks fabulous. I'll be checking in everyday, just to see what you are cooking up! Thanks so much for following me and leaving such a sweet comment. I do have a size 8 pillowcase dress pattern if you are interested! Thanks again, and happy cooking!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Anne! I am definitely interested. I will shoot you a message later on in the month. :)

Simply Life said...

oh what a fun idea!

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