Friday, March 5, 2010

Cookie Friday!

Day 64.

Today, I made a home-made version of Oreo cookies. I found the recipe on the King Arthur Flour website and followed it to the letter. Almost. The kids loved them. I thought they were really good but a little too crunchy for me -- I like my Oreos dunked excessively in milk. The Hubs thought they "tasted weird." It sort of stung. But the kids' enthusiasm healed my wounded ego. The last time he told me something "tasted weird" was early in our marriage. I made something fancy-ish for him, trying to expand my very limited cooking repertoire. I made Swedish meatballs. He looked at me with contempt in his eyes and announced that, "This tastes like..." I can't say. This must remain a family-friendly blog.

I promise, he's a wonderful, laid-back, easy-going, easy-to-please man. He just made a really, really, really bad word choice that one day. And he's not lived it down yet. ;) I will never, ever, ever make Swedish meatballs again. Ever.

I may not ever repeat this recipe, either, but now that I know how to make sandwich cookies, I will definitely be creating some interesting combinations of flavors in the future. One more thing that I can make instead of buy packaged.

I found them really quite simple to make. The only changes I made were as follows:

  • I used regular cocoa powder instead of black or Dutch process. I did this because I had regular cocoa powder on hand and I seldom buy ingredients for one use.
  • I used butter, not shortening, in the filling. If you're going for the waxy Oreo filling, please use shortening, as the recipe directs. I was going for a close approximation with high-quality ingredients. I prefer butter whenever possible.

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I wish to try these

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