Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Won! I Won!

Day 77.

Today, the mailman left me a present on my doorstep. It was the package of goodies I won at Michelle's Blog, Girl Gone Granola. She sent me a box of regional goodies that are half gone already. The things she sent are so delicious and new to us and fun! Here's what she sent and what I thought about it:
*Couger Mountain Apple Walnut Cookies. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm..These were so good. They were chewy in the middle, as if slightly underbaked, and tasted like fresh apple cookies. We all enjoyed them, and yes, they're gone.

*Dancing Goats Blend Coffee. I haven't gotten to try this yet, as I'm still getting through my Pike Place blend from Starbucks. Incidentally, Starbucks got its start with its Pike Place shop in Washington!

*Sauerkraut. Homemade! My husband is super excited about this, and my in-laws are coming to visit soon, so I'll be serving brats to go with this!

*Blueberry Jam. More homemade. I love homemade things. I am the only blueberry lover in my home, so I get to keep it All To Myself. Yum! It's going to go so well with my homemade English muffins this weekend.

*Almond Roca. My husband and two daughters devoured this immediately. I didn't even get to taste it. Can you tell we don't buy much candy around here? They loved it.

*Seattle Chocolates Pike place Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar. Again, candy in our house. It went quickly. We all got to try this and loved it. Yes, my babies consumed espresso-laced dark chocolate. And they were very happy to do it. :)

*Aplets and Cotlets. ...but if they thought I was sharing these, they were mistaken. Admittedly, I was afraid to try them. They look weird. I'm so glad I did. No one's getting one of these. Luckily, I found a recipe for them. I can make them at home. Or, I can order them online. But I can't resist trying my hand at them, and they serving them to folks I know. These are heavenly. HEAVENLY.

So, Michelle, thank you for this wonderful, generous surprise. I love every bit of it. And my family thanks you.

Be on the lookout: As a condition of this giveaway, I agreed to host one of my own. Look for it early this summer, when I'll share some yummies from the good ol' south. And don't forget: I'll be hosting another giveaway to celebrate my 100th day of blogging, on April 10th! Look for details on April 1st.


Michelle J said...

Yay - I'm glad that everything made it in one piece! :) I can't believe you liked the Aplets & Cotlets!!! I used to get them every year in my stocking and easter basket and only tried them once before deciding that they weren't for me. If only I'd known you then! ;)

Let me know what you think of the homemade stuff! :)

Andrea said...

Wow you won some great stuff!!! I bet that homemade blueberry jelly would be awesome on a slice of cheesecake :) Congrats on the win, I'm looking forward to your giveaway :-)

Michelle J said...

I'm so glad you liked the jam! It sounds like you might even have a few blueberry converts in the house. ;)

If I end up with anywhere near as many berries again this year as I did last year, I'll have to send you some more, come summer. Wait 'til you try my spiced peach jam! :)

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