Thursday, August 12, 2010

**CSN Stores Review Sneak Peek**

It's August -- Back to School month for the majority of kids in the USA, and back to the alarm clock for the majority of the moms! Back to school has me waking up before the sun and reaching for my coffee maker to get me going.

I love a good cuppa joe. But hitting the local coffee house can cost big bucks before you know it. A one-time investment in a home brewing system might be just what your budget needs. Soon, I'll be doing a review of something that will help improve in-home coffee experiences. Here are some of the items I'm looking at over at CSN Stores'

How do you take your coffee? Do you brew it at home? Do you hit the coffee house? Do you take your coffee black? With cream and sugar? With whipped cream and little chocolate jimmies? Or maybe you prefer yours on ice. Whatever you like, the bottom line is this: fresh is best, right? Stay tuned for my review!


April said...

I love CSN stores, can't wait to see your review.

Anonymous said...

An old Corning Ware coffee pot on the stove - grind the beans, pop them in the perk basket, turn on the stove and 15 minutes later, the best coffee around. Either that or my old GE electric perk (except it needs repairing and I can't find anyone around that can repair a 40 year old appliance...)

Samara Link said...

Oooo. I'm so glad you'll be doing this review! Looks like you've got your eye on some great products. I love coffee and must have it 98% of my mornings. (The only time I want diet coke or water instead is when I had a little too much vino the night before, but I do that very rarely.) I buy Yuban coffee right now. It's solid, I think. The flavor isn't amazing, but it's good and I like that it's fair trade. I take it with with skim milk at home. No sugar. When I do get it out, I'm a non-fat latte girl, and I usually get it made to about 130 degrees so I can drink it right away. I don't get it out too often anymore. Being home in the mornings helps with that. I like my coffee maker, but I really love the flavor that comes from fresh ground beans and a French press. Maybe someday I'll upgrade. :)

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