Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 8/30 to 9/5

Wahoo! It's almost September! September, how I love thee! Apples, apples, and more apples! I'm so looking forward to apple recipes. Are you? I hope so, because I intend to share quite a few!

This week's been slow around here, with not many new recipes to share with you. But here are three we made and enjoyed:

Messy Lenny -- Such a hit that we're doing it again this week!

Anyway, here we are at a new week, and  that means it's time for menu planning. The timing's perfect, because I've got to go to the grocery store tomorrow and do my shopping. So, I've looked over my store's sales ads, and here's what I'm planning for this week:

Breakfasts will include:
  • Greek yogurt with fruit and granola
  • Scrambled eggs with veggies and maybe some cheese
  • English muffins with fruit and cream cheese
  • Hash Brown Casserole
  • Breakfast Bagel Pizzas
Lunches are packed for everyone but me. I consulted the lunch box crowd, and they'd like to see bagel pizzas, shredded chicken, tacos, macaroni and cheese, and hot dogs. Gee, I wonder who's being influenced by poor cafeteria food choices! So, it's my mission to send them to school with lunches they love and ingredients I'm comfortable giving them. Follow my mission at 360 Lunch Boxes.

Dinners. Dinner is my favorite meal to plan. I love sitting around the table with my family at night. Here's what's on the menu this week:
  • Slow Cooker Lasagna with salad and garlic bread
  • Beef Stroganoff on Egg Noodles, which I'll attempt to make from scratch without a machine
  • Messy Lenny sandwiches on Soft Sandwich Rolls, cole slaw, and cinnamon apples
  • Brew Stew (recipe will be posted this week), crusty bread
  • Out to eat
  • Chicken & Gravy over biscuits
  • Soup (Broccoli Soup), Salad, and Bread sticks
Planned Baking:
A couple of other fun things you can look forward to this week are a coffee drinker's review and a guest post.

While you're here, don't forget to stop by and enter to win a loaf of Rudi's Organic Bakery bread. There will be FIVE winners and there are very low entries so far, so your odds of winning are great! I'll draw for a winner Tuesday morning.

Menu Plan Monday is a weekly link-up hosted by I'm an Organizing Junkie. Head on over and link up your weekly plan.


April said...

What a yummy week of meals. Those breakfast bagels sound really good, I'll have to try them out on the family next week.

Anonymous said...

You have a lot of good stuff on the blog today. I'm going to try the Messy Lenny's. I think the Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, onions and garlic will help the lentiles get over...and wouldn't that be wonderful. It looks so good. Thanks.


Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

I love the name "Messy Lenny"! haha. We have Sloppy Lentils in our house. :) In fact, they're on the menu this week!

heather said...

i did LOVE the lentil sloppy joes..despite their crunchy texture! lol

sounds like a great week! goodluck with the noodles, i won't be attempting those again until i have a machine!

FoodontheTable said...

The vegetarian sloppy joe is a great idea. Very clever name!

olivia said...

Sounds like a yummy week! Have a great one!

Samara Link said...

Making Messy Lenny's TONIGHT!! Will let you know how they go.

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Just discovered your site through MPM links. Can't wait to browse some more!

Yenta Mary said...

I love apple recipes -- it was actually Fall-like today, so I made apple crisp ... sigh ... :) Looking very forward to seeing what you make!

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