Thursday, August 19, 2010

Something Fresh is Coming...

I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts on Rudi's Organic Bakery products with you early next week. At that time, you can enter to win one of five free Rudi's Organic products! That's right! Five winners! See you soon!

Meanwhile, check out my recipe for Fresh Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. It's what Picky Eater chose for her birthday dinner dessert. Yep, today was Picky Eater's seventh birthday. She opted for bacon, sausage, eggs, and toast for dinner, with strawberry cake for dessert. Good choices all around. Here's the birthday girl this morning:


Kim said...

Picky Eater is soooooo cute! Those 7 fingers she's holding up are so beautifully manicured, too!

a soldiers wife said...

We enjoy Rudi's organics for our hamburger rolls. We like them and they are much better than the time I made hamburger rolls.

Your birthday girl is adorable!

Michelle J said...

We love Rudi's breads and bagels - can't wait to see your giveaway!

Samara Link said...

Cool! Looking forward to hearing what you think about their products. Always down for trying new, good food.

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