Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Stuff You Can Make Your Own

I have a tiny back yard with a teeny tiny patio. I have a vision:

Two comfy seats and a small table between them, on the patio, surrounded with a container garden of various pot and containers. There will be bell peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, zucchini, dwarf blueberry bushes, and dwarf lemon trees. There will be some mint, and also some floral plants. It will be an edible paradise.

That's the plan, anyway. I've been reading books about container gardening and planning my spring/summer garden. Those are the things I'd like to see growing on my patio.

I'm collecting containers. Some, I'll paint. Some, I'll leave natural. I've already begun some cooking herbs in small pots indoors. I started these from seeds.

I bought these adorable chalkboard pots in a set of three. It's an herb garden set from Buzzby. I don't recommend using their seeds or soil, but the pots are just so cute I couldn't resist. I picked up packets of seeds at Lowe's right next to these cuties. I've been growing them since January. It's been fun to watch them come up out of the soil. I'm not a green thumb gardener, so I'm trying to be extra careful with these.
You're not supposed to water them much at all. Herbs, according to what I've read, thrive in dry conditions. I give them a little water every few days.

I can't wait to start cooking with my own, fresh herbs (and vegetables, too)!

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